Serving the youth soccer community

We started running small sessions at an open field in Montclair, Virginia. Creating a fun learning experience with ingredients of competitiveness, we established an effective training model.

Since we initiated our adventure, we have seen considerable growth in many of our players.

We have enjoyed being a part of the development of phenomenal players in our area and are planning on overseeing the advancement of many more.

For us, player development is vital for the future of soccer.


At Montclair FC, we offer a large number of programs. From recreational practices, spring, summer and fall practices to dynamic and advanced private training sessions, we provide exceptional instruction in a challenging environment. Choose the program that suits your player’s needs and enjoy their development.

Recreational Practices

Recreational Practices are for Beginner Soccer Players (boys & girls) ages 5-9. Program that will include playing in small-sided games that is aimed at developing basic skills; dribbling, passing, receiving and shooting in an exciting and fun learning environment.

Summer Practices

Summer Practices are for Serious Soccer Players (boys & girls) ages 6-9. With a focus on tactical understanding of the game, soccer intelligence, and decision-making under pressure. Montclair FC Summer Practices are designed for players interested in improving their individual skills and technical ability. Players will refine existing skills and learn new ones through close interaction with coaches, instructional demonstrations, technical training, skill contests, as well as drills and footwork training. They will have the opportunity to apply these skills and concepts in game situations during scrimmages and small-sided games.

Private Sessions

Personalized, one-on-one instruction is the secret to improved skills and increased confidence. Montclair FC now makes private soccer coaching affordable and convenient for athletes of all ages and skill levels.


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